Inbox Omnipresence: Be Seen By Your Entire Audience. Every Day.


By Brian Campbell • Last updated July 9th, 2024

Want to be at the TOP of the INBOX at the exact time that your audience checks their email every day?

Want More people to open, read, and click on every email that you send?

Follow the strategy on this page and learn the simple process to be at the TOP of your subscriber's inbox every time they check their email (so they'll never forget you)!

Who is This Strategy For?

You've got an ACTIVE email list (you email them at 2-7+ times a week) and you want to be sure you send them at the PERFECT time every day..

Your List is DEAD (you haven't emailed them in months) and you want to REVIVE them.

You're setting up a NEW list and you want to follow some BEST Practices to maximize your open rates.

I've recorded a video below that walks you through this entire strategy, and there's a table of contents that references everything in text so you can come back to this page as a reference (without taking notes).

Here's a Table of Contents for Easy Reference:

Watch The Video Here:

The video below walks you through the strategy that's described on this page. I've explained the strategy more thoroughly than in the text alone.

Step #1: Create the Time-Sync Autoresponder Sequence

The first thing we're going to do is to create a new Autoresponder Sequence that will automatically deliver your emails to your subscribers at the exact time they open their emails every day.

Begin with 3-7 emails in the sequence and load them into your Autoresponder. Choose a frequency of either every day (24 hours) or every other day (48 hours).

The MOST Important Tweak: Schedule the FIRST email to go out either 23 hours after joining the sequence or 47 hours later (this is one hour earlier than the same time they joined the list).

What Frequency for Emails 2, 3, 4,...?

AFTER the FIRST email in the sequence, set the time until the next email as 24 hours or one day if you're sending daily emails. If the sequence is delivered every other day, use 48 hours or 2 days as your interval.

What should your sequence be about?  It depends on your sales process. Your sequence is different if you do sales calls than if you do Masterclasses to sell your offers. For this reason I'm not giving any generic advice here on sequences. If you have any questions about what to include in your sequence, send me a DM on Facebook and I'll help you figure out the perfect sequence for you and your list.

Step #2: Schedule Synchronized Broadcasts to Your List

To get people onto the sequence that you just built, you're going to schedule Broadcasts to your list, and set an automation to add people to the new sequence when they "open" the broadcast email.

What happens when they open the email?

People tend to open emails at the same time every day (usually as part of their morning routine, when they first go online for the day). Some people check email throughout the day, and others will check it at the end of their day.

When you send out your broadcast, they will open the email the next time they see it in their inbox. It could be 2 minutes later, 2 hours, or 20 hours later. They will open it when they check their email. When that happens, they will automatically start getting your sequence AT THAT EXACT TIME every day (it will be sent when they habitually send emails).

When that happens, they're going to see YOUR EMAIL at the TOP of THEIR INBOX!

How many Broadcasts to send?

Send Broadcasts to your list every 1-2 days for the next 10 emails and you'll have 80-95% of your entire list subscribed to your new sequence, where they'll get your emails at the BEST TIME for THEM every day (or every other day).

Note: It's pretty awesome when you do this because you'll see how many people on your entire list open your emails every week. For example, I had a list that I hadn't emailed in 7 months, with 521 subscribers. I used this strategy for 10 days and got 425 (82% of the list) to open an email and join the sequence (see image below).

It was also good to know that 425 people on that list will open an email at least once every 10 days...and look what kind of open rates the sequence is getting because it's delivered at the right time every day in my screenshot from my aweber account below:


what do the open rates mean?

As you can see in the screenshot above, the more general subject lines got open rates between 75% to 84%. And the more specific ones (about emails and funnels) got lower open rates 39% to 41%...but they also got clicks.

The reason for the lower open rates is that not everyone on the initial list was there to learn about email and funnels, those people are the most sophisticated subscribers on my list because they value investing in systems working for them (rather than manual effort).

80% open rates are practically unheard of nowadays. How did I get them? The emails were sent at the time when each subscriber was used to opening their emails. The highest open rate that I got in the last 2 years from sending a broadcast was 59%, so this strategy boosted my open rates by about 20%, just by using this inbox omnipresence timing method.

How to Manage Your List.

Stay ahead of the autoresponder sequence!

Give yourself a good head start of 3-7 messages programmed into your sequence before you send your broadcasts to kick it off. Then just stay ahead of the sequence and add messages before anyone catches up.

Even though you don't need to broadcast as often, you will still want to when you promote time sensitive things like live events, special offers, or anything that's just meant for this week for your list. Broadcast the time sensitive messages and add the evergreen messages to your sequence.

Want to INCREASE the Conversions of Your Sequence?

If I offered to create a 30 day sequence for you, that would have DMs sliding into your inbox every day, or fill your calendar with sales calls...
...and set it up and schedule it all out for you...
...and generate leads for you into the funnel with your social media content...
...and monitor the progress for 30 days, tweaking & perfecting it along the way...clicking every link to make sure it works, and actually going through your funnel with the eyes of a new subscriber...
...then report back to you all of the sales, calls and DMs it generated for you... that you would understand exactly how valuable this system is, and how much money, calls, subscribers and DMs it generated for you... that you'd own a system that consistently drives sales, and you'd have all of the data that you needed to scale it even further...
...without you lifting a finger, so that you could finally have this installed in your business and remove it from your to-do list...
...would you take me up on that offer?

Depending on the size of your list, how well your offers sell, and the existing marketing assets that you use in your business, there is a LOT that I can do to dramatically increase the profitability of your marketing process.

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