NOTES: From my ACE (Attract Clients with Events) Masterclass


By Brian Campbell • Last updated October 25th, 2023

I've included a link above to one of my most valuable frameworks, the sales vortex.

There's a tracking template, a tutorial video, and a master strategy on how to use it to track ALL of your connections so that you can organically grow and scale your business.

It's a special bonus gift to you to express my gratitude for coming to my Masterclass, AND I know it will be a total game-changer for you!

Masterclass NOTES:

I've included a short description of all of the tips and guidelines mentioned in the Masterclass, as well as a replay of the most recent LIVE event.

Here's a Table of Contents for Easy Reference:

Watch The Replay Here:

Here's a replay from a private invitation-only event that I held called "High Ticket Impact and Networking," for a few dozen coaches & experts with proven high ticket offers where I taught them how to scale their network to convert high ticket buyers using private invitation-only events.

Here's a replay of the Masterclass, which was recorded LIVE on October 23rd, 2023.

Plan Your Next Event NOW

The event you plan is where the foundation of the relationship will be established. This is where you'll give someone a preview of your process, and provide a significant transformation.

NOW that you have the idea and the method to use an event to grow your business, spend an hour or two planning your next event. And then within the next 7-14 days, challenge yourself to HOST your next event!

Through either a single event, or a series of events & offers, you can lead people through a process that results in more clients enrolling with you. If you'd like help planning your first event, or if you'd like to work with me personally to design an entire process to lead to convert more clients, then I invite you to join me & other awesome coaches in the ICON Mastermind, currently HALF price for the next 3 people that join.

Who Should You Invite to Your Event?

To create a positive long-term presence in your industry, you will want to invite people that already know you and are interested in what you're offering.

Start with Your R2s

The BEST people to start inviting are the people that have commented on your Posts over the last few years. Start with the list of everyone that's commented on your posts for the last 3+ months to build a list of people that are "INVITABLE."

Invite other 'R' Tags

The Sales Vortex is a system that allows you to track your entire database of connections. If you haven't yet set up your Sales Vortex, I've provided a full tutorial below right here on how to set up and track all of your connections so you'll be able to generate lots of new leads for your events:

Boost your visibility

If you'd like to build your authority and grow a massive audience that are eager to accept and attend any invitation that you send them, grab a copy of "The Visibility Code" here. The normal price is $77, but I've set up a page here for you to get it for only $44 as a special discount for attending this Masterclass. It's a complete 7 hour audio course on building the BEST audience you've ever had in your life, and it's designed for you to learn in your car, while walking, or while sitting in a comfortable chair.

Criteria for "Invitability"

There are a few important criteria to follow to make sure you're inviting people that will be excited and honored to receive your invitation. Follow these simple guidelines so that you're never seen as a Spammer or a Cold DMer:

Criteria #1 - You've Known Them for 2+ Weeks

Trust takes time to build. If you invite people too quickly, it can prevent trust from building. Remember, we have the Sales Vortex, so we never need to rush.

Criteria #2 - You've Exchanged Multiple Comments

It's also important that you've had several back and forth comment exchanges since you've known this person. This is so that they know who you are. By the time someone reaches the level of R2 or R3 in your Sales Vortex, you've probably had several conversations with them in the comments already.

Criteria #3 - You've Had a Recent Conversation (5-15 Days Ago)

You don't want to be that person that only messages someone when you want something from them. Inviting someone out of the blue that you haven't talked to in awhile is weird, and can come across as suspicious.

5-15 Days before you invite anyone to an event that you're planning, make sure you exchange comments with each person that you plan to invite.

Note: If you're tracking your leads in the Sales Vortex, you'll be able to easily look at all the recent conversations you've had and only invite the people that you've recently had a conversation with. In this case, your normal posting and tracking is all of the advanced planning you'll need!

Criteria #4 - They Know Who You Are!

This may seem obvious or even included in the prior 3 Criteria, but it's still important. Anyone that you invite should know who you are. If you can think of their name when you're not looking at a phone or computer and remember something about them (the way their profile pic looks, or something they said in a comment), then you know them well enough to invite them. And since you know them well enough they probably know you well enough.

An invitation from you should make sense to them, not shock them.

How Many People Should You Invite?

Here are a few quick guidelines:

• Begin Inviting People 3-5 Days before your event.

• Invite 10-15 People On Day #1 (allow 24 hours for response).

• Invite 5-10 People a Day Until You have 12 CONFIRMED Guests.

• Stop Inviting People when you have between 12-20 confirmed guests.

The Invitation Process

Follow this Process when inviting people to your event.

Step #1 - Make Sure They're Invitable

Make sure the person you invite fits the 4 Criteria for Invitability above. You should build your list of people to invite a week before inviting (if possible) to ensure you have enough "invitable guests." If you don't have 20 people that are invitable, then you'll first need to create 20 invitable people by ensuring that you have people that fit this criteria.

Step #2 - Send a Quick Voice Text

Here are a few quick guidelines:

• Voice Text in Messenger under 60 seconds.

• Mention purpose of the event.

• Reason why you're inviting them.

• The date that it's happening.

• Ask if they'd like to attend.

After you've sent this short voice text, WAIT 24 hours for them to respond (minimum).

Step #3A - If they Say Yes

If they say they'd like to come, then tell them the specific time it's happening, and let them know that you'll send them a Zoom link a few hours prior to the event to remind them when it's happening. Share some genuine enthusiasm that they're coming 🥳

Step #3B - If they Say NO

If they say they cannot come, ask them if they'd like an invitation to your next event. ONLY re-invite them in the future if they say "Yes, please send me an invitation next time." Otherwise, respect the fact that they're not interested.

Step #3C - If they "Ask" for a Replay

Some people will ask if there's going to be a replay. If (and ONLY IF) they ask for it, then send them the replay. You'd prefer that they come to the event LIVE, but not everyone will. So sending the replay to people that don't want to come LIVE is a way to reach more people with the information.

Step #3D - If they Don't Respond

Many people won't respond to your invitation. For those that don't respond, they may have gotten distracted, or didn't listen to your voice text (even though they opened your message). After 24 hours, bump the question once by adding a short phrase like "Hope you can make it!" or "If you have other plans, I totally understand."

Doing this once will probably get a response from 1/3 of the people that didn't respond to your invitation. For those that don't respond to your bump, don't message them again for awhile. And don't invite people that don't respond to your invitations to future events.

Following Up After the Event

Your Event is only the BEGINNING of a profitable long term relationship with the guests that have attended and received the help and the transformation of the process that you've shared with them.

Here are a few simple ways to Follow-Up with your guests after the event ends:

Follow-up Tip #1 - Immediate Follow up (Optional)

It's a GREAT practice to send the people that attend your event something within 24 hours after the event concludes. This could be:

  • Notes from the Event
  • A Replay Video
  • A Worksheet
  • A Bonus Training

If you're planning to send them something after the event, tell them that you'll be sending it to them during the event.

Be sure to add a personal "thank you for attending" message to your initial follow up.

Follow-up Tip #2 - Ask for Future Updates

During the event you can ask people to send you a quick message in messenger, or drop it in the chat if they want future updates and invitations to future events. For those that say "YES," you've just been given permission to stay in touch and give them more value over time.

If you ask them to drop an "Updates" comment in the chat, be sure that you're recording it on Zoom so that you have access to the chat history, otherwise it'll be lost when you end the event. Otherwise, just tell them to send you the word "updates" in messsenger.

Follow-up Tip #3 - Progress Update

A few weeks after the event (1-3 weeks) is a good time to send them a quick message and check on their progress with what you've taught/shared in the event.

Asking them for feedback, or current results is a great way to softly remind them of the progress they could be making or have already made from your event. This also shows that you care about their progress, simply because you asked.

Checking on their progress also gives you another opportunity to keep your most active leads current in your sales vortex. Once you setup your vortex, you'll understand why this is a "good" thing!

Sales Vortex Tracking System

Have You Set Up Your Sales Vortex Yet?

It's probably the MOSt significant thing you can do to grow your business. And I've shared the entire framework and templates to get started. You can find everything on this page here.

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